Schedule: Mon to Fri 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

What to Expect

Pain Management of Williamsport, LLC strives to render a very caring , personalized, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain patients.


Your doctor will try to get an insight into your pain based on your medical history, medical records , X rays, MRI’s , CT scans and other laboratory reports. Any records of previous treatments or tests should be requested and made available to your doctor before your first visit. Download the authorization form and questionnaire using the link below, or call the office so we may assist you in this process.


Based on the above interview a diagnosis will be made of your current pain condition and further tests ordered as needed and a treatment plan decided.


After a proper diagnosis of your condition has been made the treatment will be started through a comprehensive approach to pain management that includes psychological testing in some cases, physical therapy, medication management that includes frequent urine drug testing to check for compliance to treatment and interventional pain techniques like nerve blocks, trigger point injections, joint injections,radio-frequency ablation techniques, epidurals etc. to name a few.

Follow Up Visits

We will schedule regular follow up visits to monitor your treatment progress. We address your medical questions or medical needs during these visits.