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Addiction Treatment

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According to “Brain Disease Model”, Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. Despite the involvement of several psycho-social factors, a biological process—one that is induced by repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus—is the main pathology that drives the development and maintenance of an addiction. Addiction involves reward, motivation, and memory. Drug addiction is a complex condition that manifests itself by the compulsive use of substances despite harmful consequences. People suffering from severe substance use disorders are unable to distance themselves from whatever substance they’re addicted to. People may develop addictions to substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, LSD, hallucinogens, heroin, cocaine, opioids pain killers, sedatives like benzodiazepines etc. According to various surveys, people begin consuming substances due to a host of reasons such as:

  • to feel good – to experience the “high” of the substance
  • to help reduce stress and pain relief
  • to help improve performance in certain activities
  • due to curiosity
  • peer pressure

Despite the whole range of harmful effects these substances have on the body, addicted individuals cannot see past the “pleasure” they experience from the use of these substances. Society should not view addiction as a moral turpitude but as a mental disease. We must therefore approach addiction from a disease model point of view rather than from a criminal justice system point of view, creating systems and institutions that both prevent abuse of drugs, treat and cure the addictions. Healthcare providers and society should accept people with addictions with an open heart rather than treating them with contempt and disdain as such behaviors will further drive them away from seeking treatment.

If you or someone you know is addicted, you must seek help. Acceptance is the first step towards a successful recovery. It is not an easy road, but it is not difficult either.Where there is will there is a way, they say!

The illegal drugs vary in terms of their destructive ability and potency to cause addiction, but prolonged use of these substances leads to a whole range of medical problems, including overdose deaths. Besides, these illegal drugs are known to permanently change the brain, limiting the ability to lead a normal life with memory loss, reducing motivations, and inability to form meaningful relationships.If you need help do not wait ! We are here to help you and do take the first step of calling us right away at 570-323-3106 or text us at 570-560-9290. We accept Medicare and Medicaid patients for addiction treatment

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